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SICHGART “Do Zbroi!” CD / СІЧГАРТ “До Зброї” CD

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Ukrainian extreme thrash metal band SICHGART with their first full-length album “Do Zbroi!” CD. Release date – 09-10-13. Here you can see artwork and listen one song.



CLEAVER (Norway) “When There’s No More Room In Hell”

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First full-length from Norwegian band. Wait for no more but old-school tunes, death/thrash metal with mid tempos.


Format – CD

A tribute to DESASTER (Germany)

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News from our partners Grom records:


We are proud to announce our new exclusive project!

We Worship DESASTER!

A honorable tribute to the Tyrants of Black Thrash Metal!

Band that marked and sealed the scene for the last 25 years.

It’s right time to pay respect to their legacy, their magic that still keep these old forgotten spirits of the past!

Release scheduled for first quarter of 2014!

We already got some amazing bands confirmed for this already brutally kult release but, we left some space for bands that could be interested so,  a few lucky ones will be accepted as well.

Feel free to contact us on:


Horns Up!

Grom Records

Desaster - promo


AGGRAVATOR “Age of Combat”

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Old-school thrash metal from USA, killing mix between early SEPULTURA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and DEATH!

DEATH ABOVE “The Attack of the Soul Eaters”

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Old-school thrash/crossover from Spain! Inspired by SLAYER, DRI, SOD, MUNICIPAL WASTE! Total violence!

Format – CD


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Old dudes playing old-school thrash, inspired by Venom, Slayer, Kreator, Discharge, DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Excel, Beowulf, Exodus, Destruction, RKL, WolfBrigade, Neurosis and so on.


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Derek and Mike started the band in 2008 as a two piece band. After needing a bass player for some time they caught the attention of Steve. Steve performed with Aggravator on bass until 2010 when he left the band. In September of 2010 Jesse joined on lead guitar and Tristan joined on bass and Aggravator had a complete line up. They recorded their Seven Swords demo shortly after and are due to hit the studio in early 2011 to bring the Thrash to the masses.