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NAZGHOR “Life Impaled” CD

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Swedish black metal band NAZGHOR with their first full-length album “Life Impaled” CD. release date – 09-10-13. Here you can see artwork and listen one song.



A tribute to DESASTER (Germany)

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News from our partners Grom records:


We are proud to announce our new exclusive project!

We Worship DESASTER!

A honorable tribute to the Tyrants of Black Thrash Metal!

Band that marked and sealed the scene for the last 25 years.

It’s right time to pay respect to their legacy, their magic that still keep these old forgotten spirits of the past!

Release scheduled for first quarter of 2014!

We already got some amazing bands confirmed for this already brutally kult release but, we left some space for bands that could be interested so,  a few lucky ones will be accepted as well.

Feel free to contact us on:


Horns Up!

Grom Records

Desaster - promo


AETERNUM (UK) – new signing

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Soon will be out new CD release: AETERNUM, black/death metalhorde from United Kingdom! Wait for the news!





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Scorched-Earth had its origins in the one-man band project Nazgul, founded by Terry McCorriston in 1994. After one demo, “Under Blood Red Eyes”, the band’s name was re-christened “Scorched-Earth” in 1995 and McCorriston set out to form a full band to fully express S-E’s Metal Of Extermination. After several line-up changes, their first CD “Thy Kingdom Crushed” was recorded in 1999 with the line-up of Terry on guitar and vocals, Scott Sanders on drums, Mike Kapsiak on guitar and Sanford Johnson on bass. Released in early 2000, it met with favor in the underground and is now sold out. Drawing from the cult thrash feel as well as modern Death Metal influences, “Thy Kingdom Crushed” stood alone in its uniqueness and ruthlessness.

After going through some lineup changes, the band recorded and released “Gods, Kings, and Conquerors” in 2003. This time out they were a three piece, with new drummer Joshua Hanenburg stepping into the fold. “Gods, Kings, and Conquerors” was even more vicious than the previous CD, and fans received it like rabid wolves. Ted Cohn was then recruited to join in on guitar, and the band played many shows in the US and Canada in support of this album. “Gods, Kings & Conquerors”, like its predecessor, is now sold out.

Scorched-Earth then set to work on their next album, “Devils In Iron”. Recorded in April 2005, it had been suspended in Limbo for various reasons until March of 2007, when Conqueror Wyrm Records stepped up and unleashed the release. This album was the band’s most ruthless they’d put out by then, successfully merging their warlike Thrash with the iron hand of Doom. “Devils In Iron” met with acclaim, even making two of Metal Maniacs’ writers’ lists for “best of 2007” (Ryan Bartek & Nathan T. Birk). The band again set out on annihilating the Western US and Canada in their quest to present themselves as an utterly ruthless live act.

Now. 2010: The Year We Make Combat. The year that ushers in the creation of “Mars”, the 4th and most epic album Scorched-Earth has yet unveiled. First released on cassette version by the tape-only label NoVisible Scars, “Mars” contains nine warhymns that tell a tale of two planets: One that would conquer the other in religious fanaticism and the other that welcomes it to drown them in their own blood. “Mars” is the latest chapter in the band’s unrelenting blackened Thrash assault, and is an absolute worthy effort of the gods themselves.

Scorched-Earth has already set in motion several live assaults along the West Coast to herald the coming of “Mars”. More are to come, leaving no blade of grass in their wake. The band have shared the stage and toured with many US and International acts over their long existence and have a virulent following in their native Pacific Northwest and beyond. The warlords of “Mars” have arrived, and the world will fall to the spearhead from space….


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DIE HUMAN RACE is war death/black/grind band from Brazil!


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Black Angel was born since 1988 in the district of Comas exactly, north of the capital of Lima, Perù. Leaded by bass player and founder Héctor Corpus, Black Angel is musically influenced by old Metal hordes like; Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost, HellHammer, Venom, Sodom, Slayer, Sarcofago, Sepultura, Vulcano, Expulser, Chakal, Mystifier, Holocausto etc…
Black Angel has always been active without any interruptions since 1988 until these days, playing in shows from 2002 to 2011 exclusively in different South American countries, During its path there has been a lot of concerts, productions and many international tours that made to expand the name of Black Angel, For this reason when Black Angel is progressing, increases many enemies and detractors who are now in the dissemination of discredit and defame the name of Black Angel spreading lie and doubts by internet to destroy the reputation of Black Angel. Nevertheless Black Angel continued battling hard to overcome all these adversities and conspiracies always remaining strong through time.


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Black Metal band INFERIUS TORMENT.

POSITIONS 2003-2009.
Hate to religion dominates in ideas and positions of the band… hate to unsensed religious dogmatism as spiritual and mental enslavement.
Extermination of a divine beginning in ourselves, using perversion of religious dogms… sequential transform of a bright side into a form of more destructive direction.
Sense of targets using plans of an inner perception. Reaching and overcoming of the imposed facets by
the path of changing a balance between the rival sides, supporting the side of dark beginning.
Sensed riddance from a positive energy for gaining new, other properties on the path of self-development – self-destruction.
Reflection of a finished dark way in lyrics… is a reflection of a perception of the validity, which surrounding us – in hymns.
Satanism as anti-divine form of a dark reality, a form which stays in opposition to god, dual change of an adept’s vector, who has chosen his way.

Inner fight against inner sheep… outside war between scumpeople… sheephumanity.
Spirit’s domination over the flesh as chosen form of a comprehensive existence.
Expression of a Satanic Will through prism of Darkness’ hypostasises… through self-development as a ruled formula of Satanic ideals on the dying god’s side.

Sorcery like a step of knowledge that moves apart the pantheons frames is the self-knowledge tyranny.
It is the path to the Devil worship. The interaction with The Dark to strengthen the connection threads takes place through the lowest forms of the Dark beginnings demonstrations.
The usage of musical forms, for the Devil essence upbringing means the creation of intelligent vibrations directed outside.