It first began in 2006, with Maxx’s first thrash band, Forsaken. By late 2007, however, the band had collapsed. Everyone in the band went their own ways, and Maxx went in search of new musicians who were equally driven to thrash ’til death. Sadly, the thrash scene in the Bay Area is not what it once was, and the going was tough. In the years while Maxx could not find people to join the cause, he recorded a number of demos himself throughout 2008 and 2009. Then, while at USC during the summer, Maxx met Sean, and they decided to form a band. Sean invented the moniker “Warhead”, and they played their first show in July of 2009 with the two Brians on bass and drums. The band then went into hibernation, since Sean hailed from SoCal and Maxx was from the Bay. Then, in the summer of 2010, Maxx found Billy and Gabe. With Sean moving up to San Francisco, the band was finally complete by August 2010. Unfortunately, it was doomed not to last, and Billy soon returned to Los Angeles just weeks after the band was complete. So Ivan was brought in as a temporary bass player, until Ben became the newest member of the group. We are Warhead. We play Thrash.


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