The band Sodomizer was formed in 1999 by Warlock(guitars) and Leatherface (bass) with the purpose to difuse and give sequence to the 80..s kind of sound,mixed with actual bands. Influencied by styles such as Power/Black/Speed and Heavy Metal, the band add horros movies themes,pornography and occultism in their lyrics, thus being self titled “Heavy Speed Devil Metal”!! In March 2002 ,the band recorded 7 obscure compositions containing intros and horror movie samplers in a demo tape (K7) namely “Hellkult and Sodomy”.Due the fact that they didn..t had a permanent drummer that time,Warlock recorded the lead guitars and voices along with the drum and bass parts also.Leatherface took care of the rhythm guitars, arrangement and backing vocals..On this period ,the band divulged its demo tape in Brasil and outside,getting favorable reviews around. In November 2002, the line up was stablished with the addiction of Ripper(vocals) and Adrameleck(drummer – Grave Desecrator, ex- Apokalyptic Raids, ex- Nocturnal Worshipper and several others ).With this new line up, Sodomizer was concentrated to rehearse and to compose newest songs.. In March 2003 ,they entered the studio to record their debut LP/CD by Dark Sun Rec.(Rio de Janeiro – Brazil)”Tales of the Reaper” was recorded at Fast Foward studio, and the production was at L.Pagani..s hands as well as the band itself..This metallic record of evilness and lust includes 6 new songs in the best old 80..s spirit. The graphic art was done by Marcelo H. Vasco and the vinil version is limited in 500 copies..It..s a luxurious production in gatefold cover and green vinil!! In middle 2003 Ripper left the band to dedicate himself to his personal projects , so Warlock took the vocals!!In late 2004 ,Adrameleck left the band also after months of rehersals and Zombie take his place, concretizing the line up in a power trio!! In 2005, a tape was re-released by Horror Records, this stuff contains the demo “Hellkult and Sodomy” on A side and a Rehearsal on B side. This tape was named “The Dead Walk”. After that, in the same year, Poisonhell start to play in Sodomizer on the second guitar. In 2006, the Holokaostor Recs. re-released “Tales of the Reaper” in CD format. In 2007 Marquee rec. realesed the second work The Dead Shall Rise To Kill ( cd format ). In beggin of 2008 Iron Bone Head rec. realesed “The Horror Can..t Stop” 7″ Split-EP ( with Farscape ), the cult label Horror rec. realesed the Vinyl version of The Dead Shall Rise To Kill ( lp, and picture version ). In 15 June 2008 the underground japanese label Deathrash Armageddon rec realesed the cd ” More Horror And Death Again… “, one compilation with Track 1-3 are pre-production/rehearsal version of songs for upcoming 3rd album. Recorded in 2007 May.Tracks 4-8 are re-recording/rehearsal version of songs from “The Dead Walk” demo ( side B of Tape ).Tracks 9-15 are taken from Sodomizer’s first release “Hellkult and Sodomy” demo. The German label Iron Bone Head, realesed one vinyl version of More Horror And Death Again… in 2011. Now Sodomizer realesed by Deathrash Armageddon rec. your third album Jesus Is Not Here Today. Horror records will realese a edition in LP from this third album ( with a diferent cover made by the great artist Mark Riddick ) and the Brazilian Label, Morbid Tales realese the Split with Hellkommander – Making The Devil Work. After this records Zombie leave the band. Papa Jupiter now is the new Sodomizer drummer and soon Sodomizer will enter in Studio to record news songs to 2 splits with Hands of Orlac and with Sign of Evil.


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