The year 2007… there is SLAUGHTER BRUTE “beast” appearing on the ruins of Dictator metal band in a small town called Dimitrov, Donetsk region, Ukraine. The original line-up consisted of young musicians who were not so much musically experienced , but who were determined enough to achieve established goals. They were Sergey ‘Gray’ Kanovets (guitar/vocal) , Sergey ‘Seraphim’ Opanasenko (drums), Konstantin ‘Traff’ Kulyabin (guitar) and Victor ‘Victor’ Primas (bass). The average age of the band members was 21 at that time. The main and fundamental goal of the band creation, established by the guys, was not to merry folks with three accords but to create fast, technical and brutal songs. Wasting no time SB got down to writing their first demo-material – Infinite Cannibalism. It included 3 tracks – Infinite Cannibalism, Butchered and Human’s Intestine Collapse. Also a video clip for the last song was filmed without any outside help, which later entered Deadly Visions vol.1 compilation by Dead Center Production. As many other bands SLAUGHTER BRUTE recorded their first demo-material at the home studio, in fact there was no need even to talk about any quality. However even this small brainchild received rather good comments from death metal maniacs and local magazines. Afterwards step-by-step the band created the track-list and played gigs with those songs in such cities as Kiev, Kremenchug, Donetsk, Dimitrov, Kirovskoe. The next firm step in the history of SB was a recording session of EXCELLENT MEAT full-length album at Beast Rec Studio (Gorlovka, Donetsk Region) at the end of 2007 – beginning of 2008. Right after the mix three tracks from the long-play, namely Human’s Intestine Collapse, Infinite Cannibalism and Carnivorous Slaughter-House, were sent to many metal magazines, which later on gave back positive reviews. At this time the changes in the line-up occurred. Thus Traff was replaced with Vladimir ‘Stegmatheist’ Kryuchkov (ex-Blackwater Park, Ego Depths, Karma), and Eugene ‘Toranaga’ Abdukhanov (ex-Blackwater Park, Karma, ex-Nostrum) takes Victor’s position of a bass guitarist. Unfortunately after a period of rehearsals Stegmatheist had to leave the band due to his removal to Canada. SB kept on rehearsing, creating new material, and simultaneously looked for a label to release the album. Finally the long search got successful. And on the 20th of September, 2008, EXCELLENT MEAT, debut album of SLAUGHTER BRUTE, came out on Moscow brutal label Coyote Rec. The CD included 10 meaty songs and 12-page booklet designed by a Bulgarian artist Plamen Kolev. In the support of the album the band played gigs in Mariupol, Donetsk, Sevastopol, Lugansk and many other cities of Ukraine. In the autumn of 2008 SLAUGHTER BRUTE band recorded Cyanotic Purulence single at Beasts Rec Studio. The single is going to be included to the band’s new album. This is a kind of an experiment on the sound of the forthcoming material, and also a new landmark in the band’s creative development. The band is working on the new album in a bit different line-up. Thus SB have been supplemented with a new member – Aleksandr ‘Irokez’ Eliseev (guitar), who entered the band at the beginning of 2009. Earlier Aleksandr played in Ukrainian band Balfor. Also he is a sound engineer of Beasts Rec Studio. In the autumn of 2009 mixing of new 3 tracks was finished. Further in group there are some shifts – the place of the bass guitarist is occupied with Alexander “BES” Bespalov, and Timur “TAMERLAN” Petravichus becomes the second guitarist, thus the studio guitarist on record of the second album remains Irokez. In such structure the group gives a number of concerts across Ukraine with groups of the USA, Czechia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Russia. In the beginning of 2011 SLAUGHTER BRUTE finish record the second full-length album which it has been decided to name “Systematic Transmutations”. Occurrence of the given opus, instead of planned EP “Nerve conduction velocity”, has been given reason by entering of fresh ideas from the come musicians, and also the collected material to high-grade full-length album. So, 10 tracks enter into an album of in 28:40 minute. On the 1 of March, 2012, second album SLAUGHTER BRUTE “Systematic Transmutation” came out on the Russian label MORE HATE prods.


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