NALVAGE were created by Paolo, Mau, Amaral and Luca on Autumn 2002 in Naples (Italy).
In March 2003 the band entered the studio to record a 2 tracks Promo: “2 Hymns: Countless Corpses”. This Promo was exclusively used to start the live activity.
In 2 years of existence, Nalvage gathered a satisfying amount of live experiences, playing all across Italy along with other underground metal bands and also with historical acts as Necrodeath and Infernal Poetry.
Band reached the final night of the first edition of Metal Hammer’s ‘Battle of the Metal Bands’ contest in Milan.

In Autumn 2004 Nalvage entered again the studio to record the EP “Idiosyncratical Armageddon”, an abortion of death/black metal with brutal assaults and cold melodic explosions, based on a socio-philosophic concept about the transcendence of the Being.

In the winter 2006, Paolo left Nalvage for personal reasons and was replaced by Andrea Tilberis from the doom metal band called “Embrace my Ruin”.

In the spring 2008 the band enterd the Nero Sound Studios (located in Naples) to record the first full-length CD entitled “Worship Dehumanization” with recording/mixing/mastering done by Michele Pirozzi.
After the recordings, Tilberis left the band and was replaced by Ivano.

“Worship Dehumanization” has been released by Dead Center Productions in collaboration with distro/label Wings Of Destructions, and contains pure death-black metal with brutal and technical passages in veins of Hate, Behemoth, Aborted and Decapitated.

In the spring 2010 Carlo joined the band, settling the line-up with another guitar, thus the band is ready to act on-stage and it’s currently searching for gigs.
In the meantime Nalvage is writing new material for the second full-length to be release in the next year and so we’re again searching for a label interested for a production/distribution of the future album.


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