Formed in January 1995 under name Eris. Disbanded in Valpurgis Night 1997. Reunited in threshold 2003/2004.

Empheris participated also in “Gods of Goats – A Tribute to Venom” released in 2007 by MetalruleZ Productions with track “Lady Lust”.

A person responsible for most Empheris cover graphics – Jary, died in car accident in Germany 30.06.2008, however band admits that still there are some graphics made by Jary at the time, which remain unused and will occur on some future releases.

Empherion used to run Necropulsar Productions and Necrogate Entertainment.
Adrian is a person who stands behind R’Lyeh’zine and runs small concert agency.
Additionally, they are currently working upon a ‘metal’ news paper called ‘Witch Kult’.

Members of Empheris are also involved in a joke band HTF, which means “Happy Thrash Friends”.


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