The Angelgoat horde is gathered in the beginning of 2001. in small town called Vrbas in north of Serbia. The flag is raised by Unholy Carnager in the name of Satan! Few unimportant members passed through the band, and after 4 unlighted years, finally 2005. the selftitled demo is recorded by two possessed maniacs: Unholy Carnager (screams & chainsaws) and Count Drobikus (battery). Demo consists 3 unholy psalms of true Satanic black metal! Soon after the recording, Count Drobikus(Posmrtna Liturgija), leaves the band. A year after a demo release, in 2006. the “Angelgoat” demo is re-released on 3-way split CD with Sinah(UKR) and Charnel Valley(USA), for Dead Center Productions from Ukraine. Year later, in 2007., Occultum Malleus (drums) from horde Catastrophy, and Sabbathorn (guitars) for the live ritual, are recruited to the legion. Long awaited full-length album “U Slavu Satane” is recorded in March 2008. and unleashed in March 2009. on proTape for Strigoi Records from Poland. Before the album, Angelgoat featured on compilation “Goat Worshippers” by Goat Kult Productions from Brazil, and later on Astrum Argentum compilation released by Negra Nit Records from Spain. In the fall of 2009., Angelgoat demo is respawned on tape with 2 bonus tracks for Goat Kult Productions.


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