The crossover band Angel Butcher was formed in the 80’s in Araguari/MG (Triângulo Mineiro). AxBx’s first lineup (1986-1990) released 4 demo tapes (one with Wagner Lamounier of Sarcófago as a special guest), played with bands from the brazilian underground scene like Vodu, Genocídio, PxUxSx, Megatrash, Cirrhosis, Nosferatu and others, then in the beginning of the 90’s the band decided to call it quits.

In 2003, 13 years after the disband, drummer and founder Manu “Joker” (U-Ganga, ex-Sarcófago, ex-Nuts) and guitarist Maurício “Desecrator” (Krofader, ex-John No Arms, ex–Nuts, ex-Cuspindo Marimbondo, who also played with AxBx for a short time in the 80’s) decided to reunion with the help of their friend Édson “Lunaris” (Loucomotive) on the bass. Basically, the propose was having fun playing old songs and some covers, but the old chemistry was flamed and new songs were made.

The “reunion show” was in February 2004 in Uberaba/MG with the band Deadly Side and after one year they played on the same city opening for hardcore bands like Calibre 12 e Lobotomia with their final lineage with Kim “Beermosh” (ex-John No Arms, ex-Cuspindo Marimbondo as bass/vocals) and Wesley “Paulista” (Olorum, ex-Seu Juvenal, ex-Sonoridade Agressiva on the second guitar).

Besides working and playing with their own side-projects (Uganga, Krofader and Seu Juvenal), the members from AxBx released their firs album “25 Years Bleeding Ears”(Metal Soldiers- Incêndio Discos – 2010) with 6 new songs and all the old demos remasterized by the old tapes.


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