TIRAN (Russia, Velikie Luki) was formed November, 3rd, 2005 by former participants v-luks formations “Black Hearts”. Initial structure: Heavy – vocal, Tiran – bass, Shpinia- drumms. A vacant place of the guitarist on a session bassist has borrowed Thrasher, but in couple weeks of joint rehearsals the decision to assign it this post on a constant basis was accepted. In the end of January, 2006 Heavy leaves collective and duties of the vocalist are incured by the Tiran. By the end of February in an arsenal of group was available four things of own composition, and it was accepted to write down the first demo, but Shpinia it is unexpected for all has declared, that it wishes to leave group. After detailed conversation it has been solved, that it will make it after record. In the end of April the first demo was ready. Result of its realization became occurrence of some positive reviews in the Russian UG-editions and inclusion of several compositions from a demo in track-leaf of the collection “Living In Metal” patronized by label Siberia production. The autumn of 2006 was marked for the TIRAN by acceptance on a place empty all the summer long behind drums place to Kozlou (ех “Black Hearts”) and recording of 2 new songs. The winter became time of negotiations with Siberia production which have ended with the edition in the beginning of January, 2007 debut MCD groups. The subsequent of one and a half year have been lead in the decision of infinite problems with structure and a rehearsal point, therefore debut long play “Demonia” out only in the end of 2008 efforts Russian UG label WINGS OF DESTRUCTION and Ukranian DEAD CENTER PRODUCTION. The album essentially differs from previous it a minion in connection with a musical material, and shows old school Thrash/Death Met


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