Created in December 2003, horde CATACUMBA has the intent to keep the Black/Death Metal gods’ journey, such as Bathory, Death, Sarcofago, Rotting Christ, Kreator, Destruction, Emperor, Dark Throne, Amen Corner and others. This journey begun when Gordoroth Vomit Noise (vomits) and Count Unico del Inferni (guitars) understood that their instincts were asking for something more brutal and insane than their bands at the same period. Then, they summoned the warriors Amazarack (drums), Hellfrost (guitar) and Succubus (bass) to start out this new black circle rising up from the darkness of the mountains of Serra city. Rehearsing and rehearsing… The hymns were getting more and more solid and remarkable. After a gig to test the line-up, when the band played covers of acts such as Celtic Frost, Death, Morbid Angel, Sepultura (“Morbid Vision” era), etc., Amazarack left the horde. After some disagreements, the bass player Succubus was “invited” to leave CATACUMBA. In this sequence, Hellfrost, depressed, also abandoned the horde. In despise of all line-up troubles, Gordoroth and Count Unico del Inferni kept the horde running and looking for warriors with the same ideal of CATACUMBA. After a short period of tribulation, Amazarack came back into the filthy catacombs… Following, Vultur Necrophiler (guitar) and Abbadon (bass) are summoned. With this stable line-up, CATACUMBA started to play in local gigs. The band starts to record to the debut-demo “Birkat Ha-Minin – A Benção dos Hereges”, that is composed by 4 hymns of undiluted disgrace!! Just before the end of demo’s recording sessions, Abbadon, Vultur Necrophiler and others later abandoned the horde due to personal reasons… At the moment, CATACUMBA is spreading your blasphemies and insults to all headbanger necrobrothers world-wide. Those who agree with the horde’s ideals, please, contact CATACUMBA and spread the nihlistic winds…


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